The Spirituals Database had 383 distinctive words in the uniform titles on February 25, 2023, when–in a moment of whimsy–I decided to use a tag cloud service to create one using those words. This is what came out:

A-Cryin A-Goin A-Humble A-Inchin A-Mumblin A-Rock-a a-writin Abraham Ain’t Air Along Amen Anchored Angels anybody Ark Arms Arose around Away Awhile Ba Baby Babylon Balm Battle Bear Beautiful Behold Believe Bells Betray Better Bleeding Blind Body Bones Born Bosom Boun Bound Bowed Boy Bread Break Bright Bring Brother Brudder Buildin Buked Burden Burning Bury Called Calvary Care Certainly Chain Change Chariot Cheer Child Children Chile Christian City Climbing Cloudy Cold Creation Cried Crown Crucified Crucifixion Cry Cryin Daniel dat David Days de Death Deep Deliver Dem Dese Die Dis Done Door Dry Dyin East Easy Elders End Everybody Ezekiel Faith Feeble Feel Feet Fi-yer Fit Fix fly Fol Follow Fortune Found Free Freedom Friend Galilee Garment Getting Gilead Gimme Give Glad Glory God Goin Going Golden Gone Gonna Gospel Gotta Grave Graveyard Guide Gwina Gwinter Had-a Hail Hallelujah Han Hands Hard Harp Harves Head Healin Hear Heard Heart Heat Heaven Hebben Hiding Hold Holy Home Honor Hovering Humble Hush Icy in-a Island Jacob Jericho Jerusalem Jesus John Jordan Joshua Journey Jus Keep Key Kinda King Kingdom Knees Knew Knocking knows Kum Ladder Laid Lambs Lamps Lan Las Lawd Lay Lazarus Lead Leanin Led Lie Life Light Lily Links Listen Listenin Lit’l Live Lonesome Lord Lose Lost Loves Ma Mah Man Manger Mansions Marchin Mary Massa Meeting Middle Mighty Mind Mine Mo Monah Mornin Morning Moses Mother Motherless Mountain Mourn Moverin Music Name ner Newborn News Nobody Nothing Noways Oh Orphan Pass Peter Pilgrim Pity Plain Play Please Plenty Po Poor Pray Prayer Preachin Prepare Pretty Queen Rain Raised Reach Ready Redeemed Reign Religion Rest Ribber Ride Ring Rise river Riverside Road Robber Rock Rockin Roll Room Rose Roun Round Runs Saints Says-A Scandalize Seekin Seeking Sell Servant Sheep Shepherd Shine Ship Shoes Singing Sinking Sinner Sins Sister Sit Somebody Something Sometimes Somewhere Soon Soul Sound Spirit Stan Standing Star Stay Steady Steal Stood Storm Stranger Supper Sweet Sweetest Swing Sword Taken Takin Talk Thank Throne Thunderin Til Tired Today Together Tomorrow Tone Tonight Touch-a Train Trampin Traveler Trials Trimmed trouble True Trumpet Tryin Turn Twenty Understand Union Valley Virgin Vow Wade Wait waitin Wake Walk Wants Watch Water Wayfarin Ways Wear Weary Weep Weepin Welcom Wheel Where’d Whole Wide Window Wings Wish Witness wonderin Wore Work Workin World Yah Yonder Zion
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