The Spirituals Database offers searchable access to recorded track information for concert Negro Spiritual settings performed by solo Classical vocalists. The resource contains a selection from a century of historic and contemporary concert spiritual recordings produced on compact discs, long-playing (33 1/3 rpm) albums, 78 rpm records, 45 rpm discs, audio cassettes and streamed audio files, as well as demonstration recordings from musical score collections.

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A Major Change in The Spirituals Database

I developed The Spirituals Database in 2015 in order to share research on recordings of concert spirituals for solo vocalists. Even then, however, my eventual goal was to see the results of that research become a printed resource.

A publisher has accepted my proposal to publish the book. One proviso, however, was that much of the free content that I offered on The Spirituals Database could no longer be available for public access. With the signing of the book contract, I made the agreed upon changes to the amount of track content displayed.

While quite a bit of individual track content is no longer available, other information such as images and links to video and audio content will continue to display along with the limited content. Also, this doesn’t affect Divaslair–that’s me, BTW–videos, slide presentations, or essays posted on The Spirituals Database. Also, the addition of uniform titles and more descriptive tags should make the search results even more complete.

I will, of course, announce the release date of the book once that information is available.

Thanks for your continued use of The Spirituals Database!

Randye J.


A downloadable presentation version of the document, A Century of Negro Spirituals for Solo Voice, is now available:


Additionally, the site offers a number of historical, biographical and bibliographical resources related to this African American music style. There are also links to images, videos and artistic creations inspired by the Negro spiritual.

Hope you find The Spirituals Database to be a useful resource. Please contact me if you have recordings of concert Spirituals to recommend or have questions/suggestions.


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