Site Owner/Manager:

Randye Jones
PO Box 281
Grinnell, IA  USA 50112

Privacy Statement:

The site owner respects each user of this site and the user’s right to personal privacy.  Therefore, the following policy reflects the collection and use of information by this web site:

      1. For each visitor to our web site, our web server only recognizes the visitor’s domain name, not an e-mail address.
      2. Any information that might be collected is never shared by the site owner with anyone.
      3. The purpose of this web site is solely the transmission of information to interested parties.
      4. The owner of this web site does not sell, rent, or share a user’s e-mail address for any purpose.
      5. Financial information is collected through PayPal and is protected through their online security. The Spirituals Database does not collect this information directly. Please visit PayPal for more information on how financial information is collected.

Last updated, December 6, 2017