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Item GoodNews.jpg I[t]'s me, o Lord, standin' in the need of prayer
Item AndersonNegroSpiritLP.JPG Crucifixion
Item GoodNews.jpg I will pray/I want to be a Christian/Gwine ride up in a chariot
Item BrotherDime.jpg Negro Spiritual Medley: I Will Pray/Lord I Want To Be A Christian/Gwine Ride Up In A Chariot...
Item OWDavisHere.JPG Crucifixion
Item ClassicGospelSongs.JPG Go down, Moses
Item ClassicGospelSongs.JPG It's me O Lord
Item AndersonSoftly2016.jpg Crucifixion (He never said a mumblin' word)
Item AndersonSpirit.jpg Crucifixion
Item GoodNews.jpg Go down, Moses