A Century of Negro Spirituals for Solo Voice–The Now Generation

The Now Generation: From John Carter to the “Young Guns”

The composers who have flourished in the decades since the conclusion of the Second World War have seen the ongoing struggles for civil and human rights and the technological and cultural shifts that have occurred at nearly warp speed. Their music, including the Negro Spiritual, is interwoven with the strains of popular music–including Gospel and Hip Hop–even as they return to an exploration of the roots of this American folk music.

John Carter (1932–1981)

“Toccata” (from Cantata)
John Carter, composer
Ray Wade, Jr., tenor
Sence You Went Away


Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson (1932-2004)

“O Freedom”
Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, composer
George Shirley, tenor
The New Negro Spiritual


Jacqueline Hairston (b. 1938)

“Guide My Feet”
Jacqueline Hairston, composer
Louise Toppin, soprano
Ah! Love, But a Day


Roland Carter (b. 1942)

“Is There Anybody Who Loves My Jesus”
Roland Carter, composer
Darryl Taylor, countertenor
How Sweet the Sound


Robert L. Morris (b. 1943)

“Gospel Blues,” from Lyric Suite
Robert L. Morris, composer
Calesta “Callie” Day, soprano
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot


Barbara Hendricks & Dmitri Alexeev

“Plenty Good Room”
Barbara Hendricks & Dmitri Alexeev, composers
Barbara Hendricks, soprano


Evelyn Simpson-Curenton (b. 1953)

“Oh, Glory!”
Evelyn Simpson-Curenton, composer
Kathleen Battle, soprano
Spirituals in Concert


Mark Hayes (b. 1953)

“Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho”
Mark Hayes, composer
Indra Thomas, soprano
Great Day! Indra Thomas Sings Spirituals


Moses Hogan (1957-2003)

“Walk Together, Children”
Moses Hogan, composer
Derek Lee Ragin, countertenor
Negro Spirituals


Damien Sneed (b. 1977)

“Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child”
Damien Sneed, composer
Lawrence Brownlee, tenor
Spiritual Sketches


Shawn Okepebholo (b. 1981)

“Ev’ry time I feel the Spirit”
Shawn Okepebholo, composer
Will Liverman, tenor
Steal Away




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